Connection failed: The Client timed out the connection.

If you are receiving this message, files will need to be added to your firewall exceptions list.

These files are:


  • Turbinelauncher.exe
  • Lotroclient.exe
  • Turbineinvoker.exe (if using Windows Vista)


  • Turbinelauncher.exe
  • Ddoclient.exe
  • Turbineinvoker.exe (if using Windows Vista)

These files need to have full permission in the firewall in order to access the LOTRO servers.

If you still receive this error message after adding these two files to your firewall exceptions list, please make sure that your ports are configured correctly.

Normally, you don't need port forwarding because the client always sends to the server before the server tries to respond. In most NAT firewalls, this implicitly triggers a port forward from that server to your client.

The following ports need to be opened out-bound:

  • Port 80 - TCP
  • Ports 9000-9010UDP - Server Port
  • Ports 2900-2910UDP - Server Port

When configuring port forwarding explicitly, you need to specify the CLIENT's port. By default, the client lets the operating system choose its port.

If you edit your UserPreferences.ini:

LOTRO (My Documents\Lord of the Rings Online\UserPreferences.ini),

DDO (My Documents\Dungeons and Dragons Online\UserPreferences.ini)

you'll see a section titled [Net].

There's an entry there for UserSpecifiedPort, which defaults to 0. Set that value to something else (like 9000), and then forward that port to your computer (either by port forwarding or by a trigger).

If you need additional assistance, please contact Turbine Technical Support.

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